Turbo Dismount: A Modern Day Computer Game

It is also known as Porrasturvat which is a famous computer game. It is formerly made by Jetro Lauha of tAAt. It is a puzzle game where the goal is extending the damage done to a 3D stickman figure, the player produces damage by applying a force to the feature to make it fall down a stair.

Turbo dismount best score

About Turbo dismount review

The stick figure’s falls are attended by sound effects cracks, groans and wails as it produces its way to the bottom. Turbo dismount uses doll physics, so the statistic is very floppy as it drops, like a ragdoll.

In assembly 2002 this game was first time published in web for the online game lover player, and it gained the first prize in the (GDC) game development competition.

About this game:

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Full Version Features:

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Advantage of this game:

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Platform for this game:

You can play this game in Linux, Microsoft windows OS (operating system).

About turbo dismount gameplay

Turbo dismount gameplay

The latest version of this game is version 1.0.3, is available for Mac OS X and Linux. So, now you can enjoy this fantastic game any type of OS.

Now in mobile device:

Turbo dismount for iPod and iPhone tad was released in 25 Nov, 2009 which is originally named as Stair Dismount Touch. Later it has been changed to be a “Universal” figure to add support for iPhone and iPad. After two year in June 2011 it has also been published for Android devices.